# 15 Tub- 63 x 41 x 39cm (68L)

# 15 Tub- 63 x 41 x 39cm (68L)

#15 Nally Tub

# 15 Tub- 63 x 41 x 39cm (68L)


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  • Natural Colour

NOTE: Lid sold separately

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# 15 Nally Tub / Stack and nest crate is made with industrial strength food grade polypropylene.

These tubs are an excellent storage solution in commercial food spaces. Stackable when full, with lids on and . When empty and not in use they stack inside one another to save on space.

Capacity: 68L

Colour: Natural (as pictured)

External Dimensions: L 650mm x W 410mm x H 395mm

Lids are available separately

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Weight 25.58 kg
Dimensions 63 × 41 × 39 cm
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