About The Food Prep Group

About us

Through the perfect blend of equipment, ingredients and support, The Food Prep Group makes it easy to prepare great food and beverages with confidence – every day and anywhere.

Under the trusted leadership of the Rowan family, we’ve unified our strengths by merging Butcher at Home, Mandez, and The Food Prep Group. This strategic consolidation allows us to operate more efficiently, promising our valued customers quicker deliveries and optimal pricing.

Bringing together the proud reputations and traditions, we share more than 100 years’ combined experience in providing food-preparation essentials to homes, butchers, bakers, commercial kitchens, restaurants, retailers, canteens, and pastoral stations across the country.

As The Food Prep Group, we’ve taken our commitment to a new level by taking the complexity and guesswork out of ‘starting from scratch’.

Whether you’re making healthier choices at home, delighting customers, or preparing and packaging meat in regional Australia – our mission is to help you achieve great satisfaction minus the frustration.

From making sausages at home to running your own butcher shop, we’ve carefully selected the best equipment and ingredients for your task.

Then we’ve handpicked indispensable tools and practical resources to help you through the process, including packaging and safety gear.

And it’s all backed by our practical approach and genuinely personal service, designed to transform food preparation into a smooth, cost-effective and gratifying experience.

What We Do

We Provide

  • Quality Equipment (Machinery to Hand Tools)
  • Excellent Ingredients


  • Home Cooks
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Butchers & Bakers & Fine food makers
  • Commercial Kitchens & Canteens
  • Wholesalers / Retailers
  • Food Producers, Industry and Processors

With support from our team

  • On Hand Advice
  • Packaging, Safety & Hygiene Equipment
  • Multi-Use Tips for Equipment & Ingredients


At The Food Prep Group, we are proud and privileged to support a huge network of people and kitchen teams across the country.

For us, it’s about much more than products. Every day, we strive to make your experience easy and rewarding, while making you feel truly included, informed and inspired.

Chosen for you

At The Food Prep Group, we do everything for a reason. Our range is wide enough to meet your everyday needs while being explicitly targeted to make your decisions simple and the results exceptional.

We do all the groundwork to give you peace of mind – researching, testing and selecting equipment and ingredients based on quality, performance, versatility and most importantly, what you need.

It’s all about getting back to basics, saving time and eliminating confusion so you can get started, knowing you have the perfect building blocks for your culinary creation.

Here for you

For us, on-line means on-hand. We combine the convenience of the Internet with truly personal service, genuine working relationships and real support. When you become our customer, we’ll call to introduce ourselves and check-in regularly to ensure you’re satisfied. And we’re always here to answer your questions, provide advice or share inspiration.

We have no minimum orders, a wide variety of exclusive packaging sizes, ready availability and delivery options to meet your needs.

Easy for you

We’re passionate about making the food-preparation experience straightforward and successful – so we don’t just sell products and ‘leave you to it’.

We pride ourselves on thinking of the little things to make a big difference.

We start by making it simple. We match the right equipment and ingredients to your task or purpose for many of our processes. Then we offer support – from a range of resources, tips and surprising ‘extras’ to make your life easier.

With a love of ingenuity and aversion to waste, we help you get more for your money by highlighting how products can be used for different processes and recipes. Even our labels become a source of inspiration when you see how adaptable our ingredients are!