BBQ Mafia The Squealer BBQ Rub – 275g

BBQ Mafia The Squealer BBQ Rub – 275g

The Squealer BBQ Rub

BBQ Mafia The Squealer BBQ Rub – 275g


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From the award winning BBQ Mafia Team! The Squealer BBQ Rub is sweet and bitey, best enjoyed on pork ribs.

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The Squealer BBQ Rub was designed with the classic pork roast in mind, this one raises the bar on your typical Sunday roast!

Whether you’re planning on an all-day slow roast session or want to fire up a smoker, The Squealer BBQ Rub brings a sweet and tangy taste to every type of pork. By adding in a dry rub during preparation, you can change up a traditional dish and wow a crowd–boosting up the flavour without adding to your prep time.

Barbecue Mafia Dry Rub for Pork

Brought to us by the award-winning Barbeque Mafia team who have curated a collection of sauces and rubs that can bring out new flavours in your favourite dish. The Squealer BBQ Rub will bring a Sweet and Bitey flavour to your meals, here’s how:

  • Classic Pork Roast: Feeling fancy? The Squealer gives you that extra fancy taste without all the prep work. Pep your roast with this simple-to-use dry rub to up the ante on your Sunday roast
  • Pork Chops: The simple pork chop has never looked or tasted so good. Simply Sprinkle The Squealer over your pork chops before cooking.

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