BBQ Mafia The Steakout BBQ Rub – 240g

BBQ Mafia The Steakout BBQ Rub – 240g

BBQ Mafia The Steakout BBQ Rub

BBQ Mafia The Steakout BBQ Rub – 240g


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From the award winning BBQ Mafia Team! The Steakout BBQ Rub brings full bodied flavour to your favourite BBQ meals.

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The Steakout BBQ Rub will give you a smoked charcoal flavour and colour even without using a smoker, pairing well with poultry, pork, and beef. When it comes to BBQ Rubs this will be sure to become a pantry staple.

Pair it with one of the BBQ Mafia sauces for an extra flavour hit.

Barbecue Mafia Dry Rub for Beef

Brought to us by the award-winning Barbeque Mafia team who have curated a collection of sauces and rubs that can bring out new flavours in your favourite dish. Some stand out uses for The Steakout BBQ Rub there are:

  • Steak: grilled, smoked, or pan-friend, The Steakout adds a dark, rich, and smoky charcoal flavour to your best cuts of beef. Enjoy leftovers? Prep your beef with The Steakout to bring your next-day steak sandwich up a notch.
  • Poultry: love that grilled chicken taste? If you’re after a charcoal chicken flavour and feel, this dark rub pairs perfectly with lighter meats that need a smoky boost.
  • Burgers: say what? Work some of the rub into your meat patties to add a classic barbecue style smoky taste to your burgers.

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