Become a Reseller

Our service doesn’t end purely with product supply. Take a look at all we currently offer.

A Great Range of Products 

Whether your customer is seeking sausage making equipment and ingredients, products to break down a beast or just some flavours to add to their meals, our range of products is sure to please.

Point of Sale Flyers 

Sometimes your customers need to further research products or dwell on things prior to purchase. To help keep your store stay at the forefront of their thoughts we have a range of brand-able Flyers.

Building Signage 

Let your customer know you are carrying our products in store. We currently have a 900 x 600mm sign available for adding to the outside of your store.

Shelf & Display Signage 

Once inside the store, make it easy for your customers to identify our product range by guiding them with our professionally designed Shelf & Display Signage.

Catalogues & Flyers 

It is not always possible to carry our full product range. Which is why we have produced Catalogues & Flyers which will assist not only you in finding products to sell, but your customer also, in finding that product they seek.

Field Day Signage Package 

Whether you are heading to Farm Fest or looking to showcase our products at your local Field Day or Markets, our 3m x 1m Banner and L Flags will help you stand out from the crowd.

Exclusive Pricelists & Order Sheets 

Knowing your costs and RRP’s is essential in working out which products your are wanting to sell and how much profit can be made. Our Exclusive Pricelists and Order Sheets will help you do just this.