C-FRESH – Black Spot Inhibitor – 200g Sachet

C-FRESH – Black Spot Inhibitor – 200g Sachet

C-FRESH – Black Spot Inhibitor – 200g Sachet


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C-FRESH is a non-sulphite blackspot Inhibitor! The industry is in need of a cost effective alternative as consumers and retailers are demanding nonsulphite treated product due to the associated allergen and health issues.

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C-FRESH 4-Hexylresorcinol Melanosis (Blkspot) Inhibitor


  • C-FRESH ENSURES A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT HARVEST with no effect on the flavour or texture of the product. Retailers and consumers will love your product!
  • C-FRESH INCREASES YIELD & PROFITS by preventing downgrading of prawns – sell more of what is caught and earn more on what you sell!
  • C-FRESH IS A COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: the amount of C-FRESH required will depend on whether you or soak the product requiring treatment – and the time soaked. The cost per kg of product treated will be maximum cents per kg and as low as 1cent per kg depending on the application process that can be adopted. The longer the soak the less mg/L of C-FRESH required.
  • C-FRESH ADDRESSES THE CAUSE OF BLACKSPOT not only masking the symptoms.
  • C-FRESH RESPONDS TO MARKET DEMANDS that are requesting safer, organic and natural foods including specific interest in sulphite-free foods and product.


  • Blackspot is a surface discolouration found on crustaceans such as prawns, shrimp, crab & lobster.
  • Blackspot is a harmless but objectionable surface discolouration resulting from a series of biochemical reactions initiated and accelerated by a naturally occurring enzyme, Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO), which is present under the shell.
  • Blackspot is also commonly called melanosis.


C-FRESH is a 4-Hexylresorcinol compound that seeks out the enzyme responsible for the brown and black pigments that are visible as blackspot and effectively shuts down & deactivates the enzyme, preventing blackspot from occurring even after rinsing or thawing – as opposed to sulphites which rely on reduction and bleaching of the dark pigments.


C-FRESH is conveniently packaged in 200 or 500 gram pouches. The 200 gram pouch can be directly added to 95 litres of water in a 115 litre dip tank. This solution will treat 10 dip baskets at 25 kilograms of prawn – total 250 kg. This use is similar to the recommended application of sulphites.


4-Hexylresorcinol is listed as a permitted food additive for crustaceans in the FSANZ Food Standards Code. As 4-Hexylresorcinol is not listed as a processing aid in FASANZ it must be noted on labelling for consumers by the processor in Australia – but it DOES NOT contain sulphites!

C-Fresh Product Report, Specifications and Material Safety Data Sheet are available here  http://www.foodsanitation.com.au/c-fresh


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