There is nothing like being able to flick through a catalogue and review all the products a business has to offer. Maybe it is the smell of the ink on the paper making you a little light headed, or the great range of products on display that draws you in. Then again maybe it is just the fact that reading stuff on a screen can be stressful on the eyes, or you are not a big fan of the internet and prefer to keep things the good old fashioned way. No matter the reason for your love of a catalogue we have you covered with our latest Buyers Guide release.

Now some may wonder why we have a charge on this one, when we did not on our last. Well that is simply because of the size of the catalogue, coming in at 324 pages, which in turn has made it heavy to post. Australia Post is now charging us $5 to ship these out to you, so while our catalogue does remain free, we ask that you cover the postage. However if you decide to place an order with us, we will send the Catalogue FREE, as we can pack it in with your order.

With over 3000 products this is our biggest catalogue by far. As I type this I can tel you that there is more products in the catalogue then there is online (although this will change as we bring the site back up to speed) and we have products covering a vast range of subjects.


(Last updated the 26th of May 2017)

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