Sausage Fillers / Stuffers

Making Sausages can be a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment.  Mincers are a great way to start, however they can be slow and difficult to use.  To overcome this Sausage Fillers or Stuffers as they are also known are the ideal tool to have you making sausages like an expert in no time.

The best sort of Stuffer comes down to personal choice.  We have found internationally the Upright stuffer seems to be the model of choice, however within Australia most people prefer the bench model.  

Another popular alternative is the Water Powered Sausage Filler.  This unit really comes into its own when you are trying to make sausages on your own as it is much easier to handle the filling of the sausages when you are not having to worry about turning the hand crank on the filler.

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