To put it simply, Standard Kwikurit™ (Corned Meat Cure) is a combination of salt & sodium nitrite. There are many brands of cure on the market now, and mostly are the same and would do the same job. However, in other countries, there are different types of cure available such as “Praque Powder” or “Insta Cure™”, these cures are “brand names and often referred to in many recipe books we sell and really at the end of the day, would produce the same end result. The contents of these cures are sometimes slightly different and in some cases there is a #1 and #2 version. Kwikurit™ is a simple and safe formula to use, as long as the correct quantities are used (which is clearly stated on the packaging), there should be no difference.

Kwikurit™ is sold in many different formulas to suit the product you wish to make. Any cure can be used in any meats; however, some cures produce a better and more tastier result when used in the recommended meat type for each cure. E.g. Ham & Bacon Kwikurit™ will produce a more tastier result for hams & bacon, however, Standard Kwikurit™ can be used to make hams & bacon.

Some older recipes will ask you to use “saltpeter” or sodium nitrate. These formulas are now illegal to use in food products being that the raw strength is too high and dangerous. We will always recommended for you to use commercial cures for all cured meats. Saltpeter can easily be substituted with Kwikurit™ – just follow the instructions.