You could buy a mincer and add attachments to it, however you will still not be able to achieve the full functionality of the Toollio. Toollio has dual drive shafts operating at different rpm, which means its ability to expand is far greater then that of a mincer. For example a cheese grater running on the Toollio will be more efficient then one running on a mincer. The Toollio is also the equivalent of a number 12 mincer so you are also able to add further attachments to the Toollio, such as patty makers if you desire. 

It comes with a 750W (1 HP) motor. The Toollio has two independent drive shafts offering different speeds. One spinning at 200rpm and the other at 1400rpm. 

The Toollio is a multifunction kitchen robot. You can buy graters, food slicers, mincers, tenderisers, etc, all individually, however you will not find another device that does all of this in one. In addition to this due to its design it has been built to allow future expansion of the tools it offers. 

With the included attachments, the Toollio has the following functionality: 

  • Meat Grinder 
  • Sausage Filler 
  • Tomato Mincer 
  • Cheese Grater 
  • Vegetable Cutter 
  • Mozzarella Chopper 
  • Meat Tenderiser 

 There is no other product on the market (that we know of) that does all of this in the one device. 

Toollio has been designed as an all in one unit. As such all currently available attachments come with the Toollio. It is possible new attachments may be added in the future which may or may not be included in future models.