Website Usage

At the moment we do not have a system that connects our accounting and shipping to our website. This is something we are working on and we hope to implement shortly. Generally if all items are in stock your products will be dispatched on the next business day to your order being placed. If items are not in stock and need to go on back order we will phone you and notify you of this. If a week has past and you have not received your order or heard from us, please call so we can track your order for you. 

This is probably the most common issue we find we our website. The problem is generally due to one of 3 things. 

A. You are in VIC, SA or WA, in which case we do not ship to these locations. They are serviced by our sister site au. 

B. The State field is missing from your Account. Our system requires state and postcode to verify a shipping cost. To check this login to your account and view your Addresses. 

C. You have the correct details however our system identifies your postcode as being in another state or territory. We do see this a bit with towns that border the ACT. If you have entered NSW as your state try changing this to the ACT to see if this corrects the issue. 

You certainly can. If you select PayPal you can pay by Credit Card even if you do not have a PayPal Account. We are also in the process of obtaining separate Credit Card processing and expect this to be online shortly. If there are other payment methods you would like to see please let us know.