Fruit Wizardry Knife Set

Fruit Wizardry Knife Set


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Ready to add a little extra flair to your kitchen creations? Our professional Fruit Wizardry Knife Set is here to help. It’s a simple, yet versatile set of six tools, perfect for catering businesses, cafes, bars and restaurants looking to jazz up their presentations without too much fuss.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Apple Corer: Makes removing cores quick and easy, so you can prep more fruit in less time.
  2. Channel Knife: Ideal for adding a decorative twist to drinks and dishes with some citrus zest.
  3. Melon Baller: Create neat, round melon balls for fruit salads or as a fun garnish.
  4. Zester: Quickly zest citrus fruits for a fresh flavour boost in baked goods or drinks, mocktails and cocktails. Ideal for bartenders
  5. Butter Curler Knife: Turn ordinary butter into pretty curls that make any bread basket look more inviting.
  6. Grapefruit Knife: Easily tackle grapefruits and other citrus for a neat, professional look.

Each tool in the set is designed to make your life in the kitchen easier and more efficient. They’re sturdy, easy to use, and just what you need to give your food that extra bit of style. Perfect for busy chefs who love to add a personal touch to their dishes!

Please note: The group image is for illustrative purposes only. For an accurate visual representation of each knife, we recommend referring to the individual product pages. Graters, vegetable peelers, and cheese knives are not included in this set

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