From Herbs & Spices to Sausage Meals and Premixes, we have a wide range of excellent ingredients for butchers to help make meat extraordinary. Our range of ingredients will assist you creating perfect portions of:
Sausages – A wide range of Sausage Casings and Meals that will suit butcher shops making bulk supplies and home butchers making small batches.
Pies & Sausage Rolls – Whether its sausage rolls, chicken, beef or lamb pie on the menu or Premixes you will be making the perfect filling for your pastry in no time.
Boerewors & Biltong, Jerky Cure & Seasoning – A broad range of flavours and premixes for the dried meat enthusiasts.
Burgers – Whether it be Chicken, Lamb or Beef, we have the burger mix for you.

When it comes to stuffing, crumbing, coating and marinating we literally have you covered:
Sauces Seasonings & Rubs – From jams and jellies to accompany your favourite cheese to Kentucky seasonings and hot sauce for the most wicked of wings, you will find a wide range of the most delicious condiments within our Sauces, Seasoning and Rubs.
Marinades & Glazes – We have wet and dry Marinades, Glazes and Sprinkles available in both bulk buy sizes and pantry sized jars.
Crumbs, Coating & Stuffing – Christmas lunch, Sunday roast or a weeknight feast, we have all the coatings for your favourite treats.

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