Provide complementary products, handmade gourmet selections and oven-ready meals to your customer – or produce wholesale taste sensations at home.

From flavourings, herbs and marinades to sausage meals and premixes, we have a wide range of excellent ingredients to help make meat extraordinary.  

Our range of ingredients will assist you in the creation of the following:

Sausages – We have a range of Sausage casings / skins as well as sausage meals to assist you in your sausage making
Pies & Sausage Rolls – With our Premixes you will be making great pies in no time
Boerewors & Biltong – With a range of flavours our premixes are sure to please
Flavoured & Crumbed Meat – We have Marinades, Glazes, Flavours, Sprinkles, Crumbs and more
Meat Stuffing – Stuffed Chicken or Turkey will taste great with our Stuffing Mixes
Burgers – Whether it be Chicken, Lamb or Beef, we have the burger mix for you.
Pizzas – using our Pizza Sauce 
And more!

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