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Mace is used in sweet dishes as it gives off a sweet warm flavor in bakery foods. It is also used in Indian cooking to make garam masala.

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Mace is the aril (the bright red, lacy covering) of the nutmeg seed shell.

Mace and nutmeg are very similar, though mace is somewhat more powerful.

Mace is a lighter color and can be used in light-colored dishes where the darker flecks of nutmeg would be undesirable.

A small amount will enhance many recipes, adding fragrance without imposing too much flavor.

Mace works especially well with milk dishes like custards and cream sauces.

It contributes to flavoring light-colored cakes and pastries, especially donuts.

It can enhance clear and creamed soups and casseroles, chicken pies and sauces.

Adding some to mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes creates a more interesting side dish.

Some beverages improve with a little mace, especially chocolate drinks and tropical punches.

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