Packaging & Preparation

The Food Prep Group have a wide range to help you through the Meat Preparation and Packaging Stages to keeping a clean and sanitised workspace.
We can help you get the longest shelf life out of fresh meat with the correct storage, we have a large range of Light and Heavy Weight Vacuum Bags, Channel & Pouch, Bone Guard, Ham Wrap & Caps.

Looking to tie a roast, make kebabs, cook a ham or keep your burger patties from sticking together? We have the essentials designed help including Twine Stockinette / Chesse Cloth, Netting, Meat Glue, Chicken Loops, Skewers, Patty Dividers & Wax Paper Rolls, Wood Chips & More!

Preparing a meat tray or just looking to display your meat for purchase we have the products you need. After going to the effort to get the best cuts from your beast the end product needs to and should be on display for all to see and admire. This is where we come in. Whether it be trays and wrap for your steaks, mince, burgers and cutlets or labelling, let everyone know about your “Fresh Quality Chicken”, “Quality Australian Beef”, or your “Premium Grade” or “Tender Pork”. We can also help with custom labels for your products!

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