BSC 10/16 Cracked Black Pepper Coarse – 500g

BSC 10/16 Cracked Black Pepper Coarse – 500g

10/16 Cracked Pepper

BSC 10/16 Cracked Black Pepper Coarse – 500g


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Bundaberg Spice Company Black Cracked Fine Pepper 10/16

Pepper is one of the most common spices added to cuisines around the world. Kibbed is a term used to describe the cut of the peppercorn. The higher the number finer the cut.

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BSC 10/16 Cracked Black Pepper is our coarsest cracked pepper, it is commonly used for BBQ rubs bringing a great texture and strong pepper flavour.

Pepper is the world’s most popular spice ; a berry grown in grapelike clusters on the pepper plant. The berry is processed to produce three basic types: black, white, and green. Black is the strongest (slightly hot with a hint of sweetness) flavor of the three. Whole peppercorns freshly ground with a pepper mill deliver more flavor than pre-ground.

Goes well with cheese, eggs, fish, game, lamb, pork, poultry, salad, sausages, soup, steaks, strawberries, tomatoes, veal.

Looking for a finer cracked pepper, try our 16/24 fine cracked pepper here

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