BSC Thyme – Ground 500g

BSC Thyme – Ground 500g

BSC Thyme – Ground 500g


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Bundaberg Spice Company Thyme – Ground 500g Bag

Thyme has a strong, almost medicinal aroma and agreeable, savoury pungency. The astringency of thyme counteracts rich and fatty foods, making it an ideal accompaniment to goose, duck and pork.

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The leaves are stems of a shrub grown in France and Spain.

Has a strong, distinctive flavor.

A delicate looking herb with a penetrating fragrance, thyme is a wonderful addition to bean, egg and vegetable dishes.

Fresh thyme should be stored in the refrigerator wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel.

Dried thyme should be kept in a tightly sealed glass container in a cool, dark and dry place where it will keep fresh for about six months.

Thyme, either in its fresh or dried form, should be added toward the end of the cooking process since heat can easily cause a loss of its delicate flavor.

Add thyme to your favorite pasta sauce recipe.

Fresh thyme adds a wonderful fragrance to omelets and scrambled eggs.

Hearty beans such as kidney beans, pinto beans and black beans taste exceptionally good when seasoned with thyme.

When poaching fish, place some sprigs of thyme on top of the fish and in the poaching liquid.

Season soups and stocks by adding fresh thyme.

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