When asked "Overall How would you rank Butcher at Home and Why?" we received an average score of 9 out of 10 based on 193 ratings and 128 user reviews.

Great range and easy to deal with, I trust your store and recommend to many others who now buy from you

Richard Hayden

i have shopped a few times at your office a few years ago, i always got great service face-to-face


I like your news letter.

Cliff Orley

My one experience buying a couple of items was so pleasant and hassle free that I was very impressed with the overall experience. If I ever need anything that you supply I would be very happy to deal with you again.

David Twining

I am happy with nearly everything that I have purchased

Ron Mc Cauley

Easy, complete range, good info on product, good pictures


really excellent range of products, quality of products and very prompt processing of orders


Firstly your customer service, then the quality of product and lastly the price of the product (dont mind paying a little extra, but not paying a lot more – I find your prices reasonably competitive)

George Matthews

I order online and have always received my correct order promptly. On the only occasion I made a telephone enquiry, it was handled by a very helpful lady, it was a pleasure to deal with her.

E Barrigan

i do a fair bit of shopping in this store and i have always received excellent service and they have all the equipment that i require to do my home kills with ease

Dave Read

Timely response and delivery. Quality products. Accurate description of products.

Frank Hussey

Good product good service & availability

Ian Patterson

I decided to have a go at sausage making at home I have purchased several skewerites for friends and they love them Your phone staff are very pleasant and patient

Pamela Richardson

You provide top quality goods and the price reflects the quality. If you had a cheaper brands you would have more returns and more unsatisfied customers.


Always been pleasant people to deal with and the products are of good quality I have noticed over many years.


I have always received excellent service from your phone consultants, and very prompt delivery. The quality of your products is excellent.

Brian Wolff

Overall a good store to get what I want when I need it


My dealings have been great so far with Butcher at home. Happy with your selection and pricing.


Quality products, excellent range, reasonable price, excellent phone service and support.

Wayne Read

Because there isnt any other shop /site that i know of i do a bit of salami making now n then and its good to know that theirs people like you to help if i need help and supply the goods when i need them ( sausage skins and casing and spices ) thank you

Jim Slack

Excellent across the board 🙂


Every time I place an order, the customer service is fantastic – polite, knowledgable and helpful. If something is out of stock or there is a problem with my order I am contacted so a solution can be found or to update me on the anticipated delivery date. This, combined with the quality of the products, makes shopping with Butcher at home a pleasure.

Doreen McGuinness

The catalogues are really clear and well set out. Your staff on the phone are very helpful and make suggestions if needed. Delivery times are great.


good info by email on all goods ordered from time of ordering right through to receiving products quickly. products ordered are well packed for shipping so they are received in good order.

Ken Jones

I found that when I order 0n line the order is dispatched promptly and in a very short time it is here and I am happy with the quality of the products

Anatol Dangel

I am completely happy with your service

Dave Murdoch

My Uncle has made many purchases and always tells me how good the service and quality is.

John Idec

You have a decent online resource for butchers and people interested in home butchering and a wide range of products and information available.

David Brookes

My initial order was LARGE to economise of shipping. The products that I bought have been excellent. I’ve asked a few questions, mainly about keeping hog skins & the replies have been prompt.

Barry Oliver

Excellent speedy service and delivery as we live in a remote location. Your staff are always polite, helpful and knowledgable.

Sue George

Your great staff and their friendly service as well as your great range of product and knowledge

Iain Limpus

No one else could supply what I needed

Jennifer Bond

I have a son who does his own butchering and smoking on farm and have found butcher at home has some great things to buy him to try


Great communication, great products, easy to get things that are hard to find locally.

Colin Smith

More than happy with their products and pricing

Daniel Palmer

I appreciate that even though my purchases are small and sporadic that you continue to send information and sales brochures. That is why my small and sporadic purchases are continuing to be made with you.

David Barnes

a good range of product and quick delivery

Tim Battle

Have had great service with every order i have placed

Gary Reynolds

We were dealing through another company. One balz up after another. I found your business online. Checked it out in person & was amazed with the presentation of products, a glossy catalogue with prices, neat & tidy environment & extremely well presented & informed employees. Keep up the good work.

Deryck Longden

Your web site is interesting, informative and does not “turn me off” unlike some others.

David Hoggart

Good products, price and service

Garth Smith

I like your product. It’s of good quality.


Great service and knowledge


dealings ,very helpfull , very prompt with orders , extreamly well packaging on all orders


Always quick to complete my order

Tracey Ehrlich

Good products, good customer service & knowledge

Greg Piggott

Very happy so far with our dealings with butcher at home

Scott H

I’ve had nothing but great service and fast postage every time I order


We have been very pleased with you products and service

Gavin Seymour

All products are of excellent quality, the customer service is outstanding and products are dispatched in an extremely prompt fashion. Someone always follows up to make sure my order arrived a few days after the goods arrive – service goes beyond expectations and this is why I purchase my butchering supplies from your shop.

Alison MacKay