Sauces, Seasonings & Rubs

In Australia adding Tomato sauce to everything is almost a tradition. While I must admit I love my tomato sauce just as much as any other Aussie, there is a world of flavours out there. The Food Prep Group brings you a range of these through this Sauces, Seasoning & Rubs section.
Sticking with stereotypes, Americans just love their Hot Sauce, fried chicken and Smokey Spare Ribs. Want to see what your missing, give a few of our products a go. Don’t mind a bit of Asian? maybe the Satay, Honey Soy or Teriyaki will be more to your liking. Now what about the rest of the World? We also have flavours like Moroccan & Peri Peri Seasoning, Mongolian Marinade, and we can’t forget a few flavours which if they aren’t Aussie we will claim them anyway like Mango Ginger Sauce and a good old Beef or Chicken Gravy.

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