Sausage Making with The Food Prep Group

At The Food Prep Group, we’re your partners in the delightful journey of crafting your own sausages. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we’ve got everything you need to dive into the art of sausage making. From top-quality mincers to casings, spices, and all the essentials, we’re here to make your sausage-making experience a savoury success. Join us on this flavorful adventure and elevate your culinary skills to a whole new level.

Mincers: Where Flavour Comes to Life!

Let the sausage-making adventure with The Food Prep Group begin! It all starts with picking the perfect mincer. From the nifty #8 to the mighty #32, we’ve got mincers to match every sausage-making dream. Get ready to embark on a flavourful journey – because we make magic from scratch regarding sausages!

Choose Your Sausage Filler: It’s a Sausage Filling Fiesta!

Now that you’ve got your mincer sorted let’s dive into the next exciting chapter of your sausage-making saga – choosing the ultimate sausage filler! It’s like picking the star of the show, and we’ve got an array of fillers to make your sausages truly shine.

Sausage Casings: Natural, Collagen, or Fibrous?

Natural Casings are authentic and traditional, perfect for sausages like bratwurst. Collagen Casings are uniform and easy to use, great for fresh sausages and hot dogs. Fibrous Casings are strong and durable, ideal for larger sausages like salami.

To craft sausages that burst with flavour, you have two fantastic options:

Create Your Flavour Profile Add your choice of herbs, spices and meat salt to achieve a unique, homemade taste that reflects your culinary style.

Opt for Convenience Explore our selection of Sausage Meal Mixes, thoughtfully curated to deliver exceptional flavour with minimal effort. Just choose your favourite mix, and you’re on your way to delicious sausages!

Dare to be Different

Ready to take your skills to the next level? Explore beyond the basics and try crafting unique and flavourful sausages like Boerworsts, Beer Sticks, Salami, and Cabanas. These specialty sausages offer a world of delicious possibilities.

Extend the Freshness

To ensure your delectable sausages stay fresh and tasty, it’s time to package them effectively. Proper packaging is critical to preserving the flavour and quality of your homemade creations. Get the right tools to seal in that deliciousness and make it last longer.