Meat Salt Blend 450g

Meat Salt Blend 450g

Meat Salt Blend 450g


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Bundaberg Spice Company Meat Salt Blend 

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Meat Salt serves many purposes in meat processing and preparation. It brings out natural flavors, slows the growth of spoilage bacteria and enhances the appearance of meat.

Best used in sausages, minced meat, sausage rolls and burger patties to help bind the mixture and reduce water loss for a plumper and juicer burger.

Pork Sausage Recipe

Method: Coarsely mince pork, add meat salt and mix until you feel the texture change / firm. Add iced water and continue mixing thoroughly. Mix through the pepper and ground fennel, now you’re ready to fill those sausage skins!

Best Beef Burger Patties

Method: Mix all ingredients until patties are firm and slightly sticky, roll into desired size and fry or BBQ.




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